Bajaj bikes updated price in Nepal in 2023 (high powerful to economic)

Bajaj motorcycles are available in Nepal in different categories and prices. From bikes built for mileage, to powerful engines, to all-around performance bikes. Top rated bikes like Avenger, Discover, Pulsar and Dominar each have their own quirks.

There are all together 20 motorcycle models currently available in Nepali market in 2023.

We have came up with the updated price of Bajaj motorcycles in Nepal in 2023 .

Updated price of Bajaj bikes in Nepal in 2023

SN Model name Updated Price
1Plaitna 100 ESNRs. 195,900
2Discover 125 DiscNRs. 229,900
3Discover 125 STNRs. 236,900
4Pulsar 125 DiscNRs. 251,900
5Pulsar NS 125 BS6NRs. 279,900
6Pulsar 150 SDNRs. 288,900
7Pulsar 150 TDNRs. 305,900
8Pulsar 160 NS TD ABSNRs. 330,900
9Pulsar NS 200 (Non ABS)NRs. 335,900
10Pulsar NS 200 ABSNRs. 375,900
11Pulsar NS 200 ABS FINRs. 401,900
12Pulsar 220F ABSNRs. 394,900
13Avenger 160 Street ABSNRs. 353,900
14Avenger 220 CruiseNRs. 405,900
15Dominar 250 Dual ABSNRs. 567,900
16Dominar 400 Dual ABS BS6NRs. 644,900
17Pulsar N160 Dual ABS BS6NRs. 379,900
18Pulsar N 250 Dual Channel ABSNRs. 489,900
19Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS BS6NRs. 410,900
20Dominar 250 Dual ABS BS6NRs. 589,900
Updated price of Bajaj bikes in Nepal in 2023

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